ISoP Board Elections

ISoP Board Elections

For members of ISoP only

The leadership arrangements for ISoP has changed with the coming in force of new ISoP Statutes that aim to make the running of the society more efficient. What used to be the Executive Committee is now changed to be known as the ISoP Advisory Board (the Board).
Elections of eligible members to the new ISoP Board took take place from 5 to 19 September 2016.

ISoP Board elections results
Total ballots returned = 178
Total number of eligible voters = 456
Percent of ballot return = 39.03%

Hilda Ampadu
Jean-Christophe Delumeau
Brian Edwards
Mira Harrison-Woolrych
Deirdre McCarthy
Sten Olsson
Jan Petracek
Phil Tregunno
Marco Tuccori
Ian Wong

As soon as elected, the ISoP Board elected its President from amongst the Board members by online ballot.
Sten Olsson was elected President with a large majority. The new President and the officers (Executive Committee) had its first meeting during the Annual Meeting in Agra, India (October 2016).

Members of the Board / Executive Committee are:
Mr. Sten Olsson (President)
Prof. Ian CK Wong (Vice-President)
Dr. Mira Harrison-Woolrych (Secretary)
Dr. Jean-Christophe Delumeau (Treasurer)
Ms. Hilda Ampadu, Dr. Brian Edwards, Dr. Marco Tuccori, Ms. Deirdre McCarthy, Dr. Jan Petracek, Mr. Phil Tregunno, and
Prof. Herve Le Louet (Past President)