Chapters - Africa

The African Chapter of ISoP, was launched at the ISoP General Assembly on the 5th November 2010 during the 10th ISoP Annual Meeting in Accra, Ghana.
ISoP Chapters - Africa

African Chapter of ISoP (ASoP)

The creation of the ASoP was officially announced at the WHO Programme meeting in Rabat on 3rd November 2009, where representatives from 16 nations all across Africa met to discuss a pharmacovigilance society for professionals working around the continent.

The chapter will have an educational role with the objective to develop and foster pharmacovigilance in African countries. It should also promote a regular exchange of information on pharmacovigilance by means of meetings, workshops, bulletins, trainings and specifically organising congresses.

The bureau was elected by consensus during the meeting and is constituted by:

President: Rachida Soulaymani-Bencheikh (Morocco)
Vice-President: Ambrose O Isah (Nigeria)
Secretary-General: Raja Benkirane (Morocco)


ASoP Objectives:

  • Develop and foster Pharmacovigilance in African countries
  • Help African countries which need assistance to put in place Pharmacovigilance activities.
  • Address Pharmacovigilance needs arising from African area
  • Encouraging and extending research in the field of Pharmacovigilance
  • Promoting a regular exchange of information on Pharmacovigilance by means of meetings,  symposia, workshops, bulletins, trainings and specifically organising ASoP congresses
  • Encouraging Pharmacovigilance education at all levels
  • Cooperating with other organizations and societies concerned with Pharmacovigilance: WHO, UMC, UMC Africa, ISoP
  • Publishing scientific and other relevant aspects relating to Pharmacovigilance in African countries
  • Engaging in other activities which are pertinent to Pharmacovigilance
  • Seeking funds, and awarding grants, fellowships, subventions and other contracts to promote Pharmacovigilance in African countries

Moroccan Pharmacovigilance Centre Location

Rue Lamfedel Cherkaoui,
Rabat Institut, Madinate Al Irfane,
B.P. 6671,Rabat 10100, Morocco
Tel: 00 212 537 68 64 64
Fax : 00 212 5 37 77 71 79

Anyone interested in joining ISoP and the African Chapter of ISoP is invited to contact