Chapters - North America (NASoP)

The creation of ISoP’s North American chapter (NASoP) was officially announced on 3rd October 2013 at the Annual ISoP Meeting in Pisa, Italy (AGM).
ISoP Chapters North America

This chapter includes members from Canada and USA.

All ISoP members, who currently live in other countries, but have professional ties with the North American countries are welcome to join this Chapter (including and not restrictive to Mexico, Bahamas, etc…).

The chapter will provide a platform for promoting Pharmacovigilance to a broader audience, educating and communicating on all its current and future aspects and its vital impact in the Drug development process and Health care system.

It aims at being inclusive of the many already existing associations and businesses whose common goal is a better understanding of what PV is, fostering the relationships with existing PV stakeholders and new one, such as patients group and therefore strengthen this specialty on the North American continent and develop the PV specialists of the next generations working on the PV issues of tomorrow.

By means of meetings, workshops, bulletins, trainings and specifically organising NASoP congresses, and using existing professional social media supports and creating NASoP App.


  • Encouraging and extending research in the field of 21st century Pharmacovigilance, embedding Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoepidemiology tools
  • Promoting a regular exchange of information on Pharmacovigilance by means of meetings, symposia, workshops, bulletins, trainings and specifically organising NASoP congresses
  • Creating a NASoP App for easier, broader communication with all Stakeholders of Pharmacovigilance
  • Encouraging Pharmacovigilance education at all levels
  • Embedding Pharmacovigilance in Health Care Professionals academic trainings
  • Cooperating with other organizations and societies concerned with Pharmacovigilance: WHO, UMC, ISoP
  • Publishing scientific and other relevant aspects relating to Pharmacovigilance
  • Providing a platform for debate and communication among the principal stakeholders of adverse drug reactions, including patients’s organization

NASoP Annual Meeting

November 2nd, 2018 – Roundtable: Structured Benefit-Risk Assessment Across the Therapeutic Product Lifecycle
Takeda Boston – Register Now!
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Anyone interested in joining ISoP and the North American Chapter of ISoP is invited to contact